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Effective March 25, 2020 the downtown Clerk’s Courthouse offices (Rm 101 and Rm 201) will be closed until further notice

Courthouse services will be consolidated with the satellite office located at 6135 Heritage Park Drive. This change is designed to better serve and maintain the health and safety of the public and the County Clerk Staff as our nation deals with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Driver license services will be temporarily suspended at the County Clerk’s office until the health threat subsides. Applicants needing driver license assistance, including Real ID, will need to visit local Department of Safety (DOS) locations at 6502 Bonny Oaks Drive or 4873 Dayton Blvd.



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The County Clerk's office has but one goal in mind -- to serve busy citizens efficiently with an added dimension of customer service.  The menus to the left and above will accompany you throughout the site to help zoom in on various topics of interest.


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Air Pollution Board Emission Testing Update

Update March 29, 2020: Per the Governor’s order , the requirements for vehicle emissions testing are suspended for tags expiring April 31st, 2020. Vehicle tags expiring May 31, 2020 and thereafter require an emission test.

We have been informed by the State that emission stations are scheduled to re-open on May 1, thus prohibiting County Clerk offices from accepting applications for renewal with a May 31st, 2020 expiration and thereafter. These tags will require an emissions test to renew a vehicle.

Emission testing remains in effect prior to titling or renewing a vehicle registration until repeal is approved by the United States Environment Protection Agency (EPA).


The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation announced in May 2019 that they will recommend elimination of emission testing in counties, including Hamilton. The State Implementation Plan revisions eliminating the vehicle emissions testing program were submitted to the EPA on February 27, 2020. The program will end 120 days after the EPA approves the State Implementation Plan revisions. Updates will be posted as they become available.

EMISSIONS TESTING PROGRAM (June 2018 Update): Frequently Asked Questions and Timeframe from the TN Department of Environment and Conservation


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