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Blue Rounded Corner
Boats may be registered at the Courthouse in Room 201 or at the Bonny Oaks Tag & Title office. You must bring a Bill of Sale  and an existing State Boat Registration will be helpful. State sales tax is 7% of the purchase price. For purchases in excess of $1,600, an additional State Tax of 2.75% is added up to a maximum of $44 per item. Local sales tax is 2.25% and is capped at $36.00. This information is only for boats transferred by individuals. Dealers coordinate registration, etc., when sale is made by their business.
For More Information and Regulations; visit the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency Web site
Hunting and Fishing
State hunting and fishing licenses are available at the Courthouse in Room 201 of the County Clerk's office.

For more information, visit the
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

License Fees
www link to TWRA state-wide fees and license descriptions.
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