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The County Clerk receives and approves applications for Pawnbrokers and title Pledge Lenders. The eligibility process for such a license is established in the State Code.

The law requires that the license be obtained from the County Clerk in the county where the establishment is to be operated.

Procedures for Pawnbroker Application

1. Complete Application / Petition
2. Obtain a CPA's unaudited statement regarding assets.
(Must have $75,000 readily available to use in business)  
3. Obtain Certificate(s) of good moral character from law enforcement agency for each person listed in petition   
4. Proof of good moral character (citizen certificate and oath - part of petition) for each person listed 
5. Submit fee of $50.00 in certified funds or cash payable to the County Clerk. This fee is not refundable
6. Applicant must purchase a business license (Class III, Code 5932) and submit a catastrophe insurance policy on contents and/ or pledged pawn stubs - payable to County Clerk Bill Knowles (as loss payee).
License Application Petition for Pawnbroker's License
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