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Notary Public applications received by the County Clerk are forwarded to the County Commission for approval after the District Attorney's Office conducts an investigation to determine if the applicant is eligible under the law.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for a public office a person must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and be in compliance with Tennessee Code Annotated (TCA 8-18-101). All notaries must be a resident of the county, or have their principal place of business in the county from which they were elected. If an individual has his principal place of business in any county in the state of Tennessee, he shall be eligible for election as a notary at large, although he may reside in a state other than Tennessee (TCA 8-16-101). All notaries must be a U.S. Citizen (Pub. Ch. 834, Acts 2008)
All individuals meeting these qualifications are eligible for election as a notary public at large except the following persons:
  • Those who have been convicted of offering or giving a bribe, or of larceny, or any other offense declared infamous by law, unless restored to citizenship in the mode pointed out by law;
  • Those against whom there is a judgment unpaid for any moneys received by them, in any official capacity, due to the United States, to this state, or any county of this state;
  • Those who are defaulters to the treasury at the time of the election, and the election of any such person shall be void;
  • Soldiers, sailors, marines, or airmen in the regular army or navy or air force of the United States; and
  • Members of congress, and persons holding any office of profit or trust under any foreign power, other state of the union, or under the United States. (8-18-101).

The certification below is required from all applicants:

I certify that this application has been completed and examined by me and to the best of my knowledge and belief is a true and complete application made in good faith pursuant to the provisions of Chapters 16 and 18, Title 8, of the Tennessee Code Annotated, dealing with Notaries Public.

The actual notary commission is then issued by the Secretary of State and is valid for a period of four years. A notary must also be bonded. All notaries are now classified as At Large, or with statewide authority.

Notary Application  
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