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Qualifying for Exemption of Increased Marriage License Fee
The Tennessee General Assembly enacted Chapter No. 854 of the Public Acts of 2002. Included in this Act is an additional $62.50 fee when applying for a marriage license.

Premarital Course Completion--
To qualify for the exemption by attending a premarital preparation course, both applicants must submit a notarized Certification of Completion  completed by the course provider, showing that they have  attended the course together, or separately, within one year of the date of application to the County Clerk for the  license.  

The Certification of Completion  form, which may be down-loaded by clicking on the link, defines the law as to qualifications of persons who are eligible to conduct the four (4) hours of  premarital preparation training required by Chapter No. 854.

The new law gives minimal guidance as to the content of the course.  It states that the course may include : 
(1) Conflict management
(2) Communication skills.
(3) Financial responsibilities.
(4) Children and parenting responsibilities.
(5) Data compiled from available information relating to problems reported by married couples that seek marital or individual counseling.  
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